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Coming soon: The D Scale for Young MEPs!

We’re partnering with the EU40 network to launch a special edition of The D Scale. We’ll be calculating the Digital Impact Score of every young MEP, applying the formula we tested with the 10 political group leaders in the European Parliament (aka The MEP Edition, below).

We hope “The EU40 Edition” can help pro-EU MEPs be better communicators on digital and social media. Stay tuned for the results!

EU40 is the network of young Pro-European Members of the European Parliament. Their mission is to serve MEPs under the age of 40 and strengthen their role inside the European Parliament.

The MEP Edition

We developed this first edition of The D Scale to chart the digital impact of MEPs in the 9th European Parliament, starting with the 10 political group leaders (representing 7 political groups, not including Independents). We extracted public data from their 10 digital profiles on 31 October 2019 and applied The D Scale formula to calculate their respective Digital Impact Scores.

This MEP Edition formula combines 21 quantitative metrics and one qualitative metric. Each metric carries a maximum score of 0.2 to 1.0 points. The maximum possible total score is 11 points.

A digital Wild West

We know that digital communications can improve lives and strengthen democracies. But today’s digital landscape favours the divisive and dishonest. We’re witnessing the promise of a new frontier in communication and advocacy giving way to a digital Wild West.

To make a real impact on the digital landscape, policy makers and stakeholders will need to find and shape their own digital frontier.

We want to help, and to learn.

What’s digital impact?

“Digital impact” is hard to measure. It means different things to different people, and metrics are too easily manipulated. But if we don’t attempt to measure impact, we can never hope to learn from and improve how we communicate.

For us, digital impact is to reach, engage and influence the people you care about.

The more digital impact we have, the more we can shape the digital landscape around us. We don’t need to be digital ninjas or social media gurus to achieve this. We just need to be willing to progress, regardless of our starting point.

Introducing “The D Scale”

We designed The D Scale not to score performance, but to chart progress.

Our scale shows the impact of any person or organisation (known as a digital “profile”) on their digital landscape.

The final score (from 0 to 11) is calculated according to a customised formula developed by The Right Street. After manually extracting public profile data on a given day, we apply our formula and deliver a final score to the individual or organisation. By repeating the process every 3 months, anyone can chart, learn from and improve their digital impact over time.