Anna Meusburger

Anna has been working in communications and campaigns in Brussels for the last decade. She has coordinated communication strategy and press relations for Natural Mineral Waters Europe (NMWE), the Permanent Representation of Austria to the EU and the European Parliament. The thing that gets her up in the morning is helping companies and organisations communicate to drive positive change. Anna has circled the globe a few times and plans to become an avocado farmer on Samoa when she retires.

    Milan Jovanovic

    Milan has over two decades of experience working on communication strategies and campaigns for advertising agencies and global marketing clients. He’s a seasoned pro in brand identity and 360° campaign design and is the creative force behind print and digital materials from concept to production. Milan shares his deep expertise in marketing and branding as an independent lecturer.

      Natalija Ilic

      Natalija has a degree in Scandinavian languages and literature. She taught Swedish and English for five years before joining The Right Street, where she writes content for social media and manages online communities. When she’s not working, she can be found patting stray dogs or trying out new food (not at the same time!).

          Kenan Kovacevic

          Kenan holds a degree in Business Informatics and is a keen digital marketer. At The Right Street, he manages several social media accounts, creates content and builds online communities. He is a LinkedIn Creator and loves writing content for the network. Kenan is a sports fan and rarely misses daily training. His favourite sport: basketball.

            Ivana Franeta

            Ivana was a professional photographer for a decade before focusing her talents on digital marketing and social media. Her work at The Right Street spans paid ad campaigns,  data processing, analysis, copywriting  and community building. Ivana has a BA in English/literature and loves puns, DIY and long walks.

              Kristijan Bilic

              Kristijan has a Master’s Degree in economics and has worked in the real estate and IT industries. He specialises in finance, accounting and analytics. He is a fan of trail running and competes in races across Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region.

                  Danica Juric

                  Danica is a web and technology consultant who works on web development and design. Her main strength lies with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and TypeScript and she is experienced with framework technologies such as Angular and Django. Danica is expanding her knowledge on everything web-related: frontend to backend, including writing custom websites and apps, making databases and developing plugins.

                    Alexandru Dumitrașcu

                    Alexandru (aka Dumi) has always harboured a predilection for communicating EU policy affairs. Now in his element with our agency clients, he’s able to tame any social media platform, articulate complex topics and build genuine communities online. In his spare time Dumi can be observed listening, analysing and planning his next bold move.

                      Goran Karanovic

                      Goran is a digital marketing and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) expert. He leads our work on PPC advertising (Google and social media) and SEO. Google certified, he comes from a media background, having spent a decade in TV journalism. He is a writer, SEO copywriter, content creator and award-winning author. He holds a PhD in Law and is a member of Mensa.

                        Laura Mihic

                        Laura joined The Right Street after completing her bachelors degree in international sales and marketing. She learns about key people, policies and trends, and helps to synthesise the data into insightful reports and analysis. Laura enjoys cheering on sports teams and cracking jokes with friends and family.