Lorenzo Marchese

Lorenzo has been a communication and PR professional in Brussels for over a decade. He combines his experience with strong  knowledge of public affairs, providing clients with insights on how the political world of the EU can be communicated more effectively. Lorenzo holds a MSc degree from LSE (European Studies) and a Philosophy MA from the University of Warwick. He enjoys lightsaber fighting in his spare time.

    Filip Lugovic

    Filip has over 15 years of experience in business development within the Brussels’ public affairs arena. Before co-founding The Right Street he helped DeHavilland, the London-based political intelligence provider, grow the EU arm of their business, and led commercial efforts for EUobserver, the leading online newspaper for EU politics. Filip holds an MBA degree and has studied and worked in Croatia, Russia, United States and Belgium. He continues to play and coach water polo, winning the Belgian Cup in 2018.

      Richard Medic

      Richard has been working in media and communications for over 25 years. Born and educated in Melbourne (literature, law), he was a writer and composer before moving to Europe in 2001. After serving as a spokesman for international organisations in Mostar, Prishtina and Strasbourg, he arrived in Brussels to advise the EU institutions on digital strategies and campaigning. Richard is also founding chief of Soonfeed Media and still writes music in his spare time.