Taxonomy campaign for WWF

The client

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) is a global organisation that works to protect and conserve the natural world and its diverse species. They operate in almost 100 countries around the world and focus on a range of issues related to climate change, nature conservation, and resource protection. 

They also work with governments, businesses, and local communities to develop sustainable solutions to environmental challenges. 

Overall, WWF is dedicated to protecting the planet and its wildlife, and is an important player in the field of conservation and environmental protection.

The challenge

The WWF was an outspoken opponent of the EU taxonomy act identifying sustainable investments, which labels gas and nuclear power as ‘green’. 

WWF argued that these forms of energy do not align with the organisation’s goals of promoting renewable, low-carbon energy sources that do not contribute to climate change or have other negative environmental impacts. 

TRS ran a one-month advertising campaign for the organisation in the run-up to the European Parliament committee and plenary votes on their main channels to promote their position. 

The (right) campaigns

The mentioned campaign targeted two audiences: 

  1. Civil society – calling on citizens to participate in an email action targeted toward their respective national MEPs.
  2. EU decision-makers – to raise awareness of the WWF’s position. 

The results

With almost 5 million impressions, our ads had very good visibility with both audiences. The target audience viewed our ads on different social media platforms, websites (such as Politico, Brussels Times, LeMonde, etc.), as well as mobile apps. 

Our ads had a high interaction rate and over 79k ad clicks.

The MEPs and their staff were continually targeted through our multi-channel approach with various ad combinations.