Strategy Report for Natural Mineral Waters Europe

The client

Natural Mineral Waters Europe (NMWE) is a non-profit trade association that works to promote the safety, quality, and environmental standards of natural mineral and spring waters in Europe. 

As a trade association, Natural Mineral Waters Europe represents the interests of the natural mineral water and spring water industry and raises issues with both EU institutions and international organizations.

THE Challenge


Within the framework of the EU Farm2Fork Strategy, NMWE committed to several aspirations and goals under the Code of Conduct for Sustainable Business and Marketing Practices (CoC).  

One year after signing the Code of Conduct (CoC), the association worked with TheRightStreet to create a strategy report, a code of conduct, that was intended to be submitted to the European Commission.

Natural mineral waters 

THE (right) result

Through collaborative efforts, the EU Code of Conduct on Responsible Food Business and Marketing Practices was developed as the final result. The code of conduct is a set of guidelines that aims to promote sustainable food systems by encouraging responsible business practices within the food industry. It serves as a shared vision and goal for those working towards a more sustainable food system, and it provides a framework for companies to follow in order to contribute to this objective.