#ElectrifyNow social media campaign for Electrification Alliance

The client

A group of European companies and NGOs have launched the Electrification Alliance, committed to promoting the value of electricity as the key energy carrier in a decarbonised, energy-efficient, and digital European economy. 

The group has published a Declaration, which calls for the reduction of carbon intensity and increased investment in non-emitting technologies, like renewables, energy storage, and smart grids.

The Alliance’s motto— Later is not an option anymore —is a call to action for European countries to switch to renewable energy sources. This change can have a powerful impact on their economies and their citizens’ quality of life.

The challenge

The Electrification Alliance hired The Right Street in 2021 to run a campaign aimed at policymakers, with the goal of persuading them of the value of electrification and motivating them to support it with an adequate policy framework.

Since the campaign proved to be a success, it was continued in 2022.

As an additional objective, the Electrification Alliance wanted to create a Twitter community that would identify with and look toward the Alliance as its point of reference.

The (right) campaigns

The campaigns we did included a strategic analysis of the target audience, a plan that relied on multiple channels—including the website, multiple videos, a dedicated Twitter channel and a digital event—and a host of other features.

TRS developed messages and supporting content for all the platforms, while continuously monitoring the impact of the campaign. By doing this we were able to successfully engage policymakers at various European institutions.

In addition to the strong results we saw during the 2021 campaign, the TRS team produced a collection of news-like videos on alternative futures.

The TRS team also coordinated and synthesised the messages of 10 different associations into a coherent communication plan over the course of 2021 and 2022.

The (right) results

2021 #ElectrifyNow! campaign

The #ElectrifyNow! campaign ran for nine months and had many positive outcomes:

  • We mapped out, listened to and targeted European and national policymakers, as well as community influencers in the field of energy policy.

  • We produced a message grid of the communication pillars, and constantly adjusted messaging based on policy developments and Alliance requests.

  • We improved the Alliance’s website, established accounts on Twitter and YouTube, running organic and paid campaigns to deliver content from the Alliance, members and sponsors. 

Facts & figures

#ElectrifyNow 2021
2022 Social media campaign

To prepare for our 2022 social media campaign, we applied the best practices that we learned from our previous campaign. We had a very successful outcome:

  • We built up the social media audience for the Electrification Alliance, doubling the number of followers, while maintaining a very high engagement rate. The audience includes journalists, EU policymakers and energy influencers.

  • We tailored the messages to the many events taking place in 2022.

  • We produced a variety of content for the social media activities and other channels, such as multiple videos, animation, visuals and texts. 

Facts & figures
#ElectrifyNow 2022

To accompany the campaign efforts, we revamped the entire website:

  • We’ve improved the website design to be more contemporary in its appearance.

  • We carried out a fact check, and updated all relevant information on the website.

  • We harmonised the website text and overall layout.

During 2022, the TRS team built up the social media and online presence of the Electrification Alliance. We are excited to continue campaigning for an electrified future in Europe in 2023.