Communication Management for AVERE

The client

AVERE (The European Association for Electromobility) is the European association promoting electromobility and sustainable transport across Europe.

AVERE is a European association that represents and advocates for the electromobility industry, academia, and EV users at both the EU and national levels. It is the only organisation that does this type of work on behalf of the electromobility industry.

The (right) campaigns

For years, The Right Street has been responsible for managing the communication channels of AVERE. We have either managed the communication channels directly as The Right Street agency, or through communication managers who are now part of our team. 

Our experience in this area has allowed us to effectively communicate the goals and activities of AVERE to a wide audience.

The results

Our work has enabled the association to establish a prominent digital presence, reflecting its influence in the sector. AVERE’s social media community has grown steadily across time, with notable influencers joining after becoming aware of its activities. 

Our actions resulted in the association attracting more attention from mainstream media. POLITICO, one of the top political publications, has written about the association.

The digital channels, which have been updated with a new, modern visual branding, have made it easier to reach out to important groups such as European policymakers and other associations in the industry. This has been particularly helpful in increasing the outreach and visibility of the organisation.

As a result of these efforts, the association has seen a significant increase in the number of members, with the size of the membership doubling in just two years.