Campaigns for the Day of Photonics

We conceived and ran a pro bono campaign to promote the annual Day of Photonics with our partners at EPIC. To bring Photonics to a wider audience, we produced a 1970s flamenco rock anthem and music videos by Stella & The Photonics (150k+ YouTube views), starring our motley crew of Photonics ambassadors.

To introduce our audience to the value and practical uses of Photonics, we started the #GooglePhotonics challenge. On an average day, “Photonics” is google-searched only 740 times (that’s much less than “nanotechnology” or “photophobia”). On this year’s Day of Photonics, the word was searched many thousands of times (exact data will be available in January 2022). We also hosted an “Ask me Anything” session on Reddit that attracted over 200 questions from photonics enthusiasts around the world.