A Photonics Superhero for EPIC

The client

EPIC (European Photonics Industry Consortium) is a top-notch industry association that encourages ongoing development of organisations involved in the field of photonics in Europe.

It brings together more than 800 companies to create a prosperous photonics environment by maintaining a solid network and encouraging technical and commercial progress. 

EPIC uses its wide network and expertise to assist its members in their growth and technological development, and encourages them to reach out to new photonics markets. 

The challenge

The association wanted to raise awareness of photonics-enabled technologies, including lasers, sensors, and lighting, as key drivers of innovation and growth in a variety of sectors.

It was important to select a creative partner who understands the technical aspects of photonics and who could deliver a creative message that resonates with a broad audience. 

… And that’s where TRS came in!

The (right) campaigns

We always enjoy a creative challenge! That’s why our team conceived a photonics-powered superhero to deliver the message EPIC wanted to share.

TRS created the Stella-Photonics landing page and kicked-off a series of comics following Stella’s adventures. 

The results

Imagined and created fully by TRS, “Stella” was conceived as the world’s first and only photonics superhero.

Stella’s likeness has been used on different occasions to raise awareness about the photonics industry:

  • Her first task was to spread the word on how photonics technology is taking on the Covid-19 virus pandemic.
  • Stella’s next appearance was made when she promoted the 24-hour, non-stop Photonics Marathon featuring 72 speakers from 35 countries across 13 time zones.

Stella was featured in the photonics anthem and music video launch: Stand by your Girl, an original 1970s flamenco rock song performed by musicians in Europe and Australia. Written by Richard Medic, produced by The Right Street and performed by Stella & The Photonics, the video was launched on 21 October, the international Day of Photonics.