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Let me tell you about my digital advocacy research in the last year. It started out as a thesis for my studies and now I proudly present it to you.

During my research I firstly went through communication and political theories that helped me define the biblical meaning of digital advocacy, the niche that is so young and often confused with its older brothers – marketing, PR or advertising.

In the meantime, I have been getting opinions from the field, at meetings, events and calls, backed up by a survey that was completed by around 50 representatives of Brussels agencies, trade associations and other stakeholders connected to the topic. It took a while to collect enough data for the final report to be credible, especially with all the changes digital advocacy has been going through due to that well known virus. Then the data had to be analysed and put together in a report.

Have a look at the document and make your own conclusions about the state of digital advocacy in Brussels today. I have made mine and can tell you it will stick around in this business for a while!

I would like to thank all the brilliant professionals who completed the survey and helped with my research. It was definitely an interesting journey and I can tell that my discovery of digital advocacy (hopefully it will get a nice acronym soon, maybe DA?) only starts here.

Enjoy the read and feel free to drop me a message anytime on LinkedIn.

Sincerely Klym

Digital Account Manager at The Right Street