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LIVE PANEL: Ursula, EU Guardian-in-Chief?

After asking ourselves why the EU is not communicating better on COVID-19, we hosted a live panel to get some answers. That led to three recommendations to the EU institutions, and our promise to develop them further in future panels.

So our next panel will explore the first recommendation (Position Ursula as the EU “Guardian-in-Chief”). But this time we want to shift our attention beyond this corona crisis — because lockdowns are easing, summer is approaching, and we’re all tired of talking about a virus.

TUESDAY, 2 JUNE  //  9.00h – 10.00h (Brussels)

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Marco Ricorda
Communications expert. Former digital advisor to President Tajani, Guy Verhofstadt & European Commission

Andrea Vance
Award-winning senior journalist for Stuff, New Zealand’s largest news site

Richard Medic (moderating)
Creative director & cofounder of The Right Street Digital.


  • Should Ursula position herself as the EU’s “Guardian in Chief”?
  • How can she better communicate with Europeans and the world?
  • What makes Jacinda Ardern such a good political communicator?
  • What can Ursula learn from Jacinda (including what not to do)?