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We want to help NGOs in Brussels to score and improve their digital impact. So welcome to our latest edition of #theDscale!

In January 2021, we updated the basic formulas for the various editions of The D Scale. The updates reflect a digital landscape that has seen huge changes in the last 12 months. Some digital spaces have become more crowded and competitive. Others, such as virtual meetings and events, have presented new opportunities.

In our Trade Associations Edition of The D Scale, we calculated the scores of the 20 biggest lobbying spenders in Brussels. We then followed up with an edition for European Parliament political leaders. This time we’ve taken a sample of 20 Non-government organisations, with offices in Brussels, that currently spend most on EU lobbying (source:

We are not privy to how much these 20 NGOs spend on digital communication and advocacy activities – our scores are based only on the measurable Return (digital impact), and not the Investment made to achieve those returns (people and budgets).

We provide a free digital impact score to anyone who’d like to improve their digital impact. We’ve created #theDscale editions with customised formulas for Members of the European Parliament, trade associations, NGOs and companies based in Brussels and worldwide.

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What’s “digital impact”?

Digital impact is hard to measure. It means different things to different people, and metrics can be easily manipulated. But if we don’t attempt to measure impact, we can never hope to learn from and improve how we communicate.

For us, digital impact is the capacity and willingness to reach, engage and influence the people you care about. Digital impact enables us to build the reputation, trust and influence we need to shape the digital landscape.

We don’t need to be digital ninjas or social media gurus to achieve this. We just need to be willing to progress, regardless of our starting point.

What’s #theDscale?

We designed #theDscale not to score performance, but to chart progress. Our scale shows the impact of any person or organisation (known as a digital “profile”) on their digital landscape. The final score (from 0 to 11) is calculated according to a customised formula developed by The Right Street. After manually extracting public profile data on a given day, we apply our formula and deliver a final score to the individual or organisation.